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Wait a minute! Barley is actually a genius! When you saw the small square-ish shaped stone bricks tumbling around. You noticed a small number inscribed onto it. Suddenly, you crouched to the ground and started flipping over every rock you could.
“This is what they meant by leave no stones unturned!” You thought to yourself before uncovering what looked like 4 little numbers on 4 individual stones.
“That’s definitely weird.” Barley said as he watched you picking up the rocks in your hands. “Is he okay?” He asked Casey.
“Look at this!” You showed the both of them, two thick rocks in each hand. “Look familiar to you?” you continued before the idea lit up in their eyes as well. Four rocks. Four arms. Four numbers… But what could they mean?
“That handwriting looks familiar.” Casey grabbed one of the rocks from you and held it up to the plaque, matching the crude writing together to confirm her suspicion. “Definitely a match.” She winked at the stone before looking back at you.
“So what? She wants the numbers? What does that have to do with lies?” Barley added in. You remained quiet, thinking hard about what you could have done to figure out this interesting puzzle. You took the time to turn the rocks around in your hands, rearranging the numbers right side uo, upside down, and in all different combinations.
“Lies… LIES… lies…” You thought to yourself silently, without letting a single word past your head. “How are these… Lies…”

Written by Drifting Dragon on 17 January 2022

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