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You trample over them, helping those weak humans to fight against those abominable creatures. You feel so good to not be as weak as those humans.


You jump over a bigger creature, this one receives you with his horns. You feel the pain, but don’t care. Your claws rip his flesh and your talons cut deep into his eyes. The demonic entity screams loudly and tries to crush you against the ground, but with supernatural agility you escape from his clutch.


Yes! You can feel it, don’t you? The power, the strength, the freedom! Allow it to become you!


It’s so easy to accept, to simply let go of your human weakness.


Are you still struggling? Why do you clingy to your humanity when you could be so much more?


The battle rages on, you jump over a big demonic siege weapon and with unbound fury you dismantle it with strikes of your sharp talons. The metal forged on the fires of hell is like paper to you.


Yes! I see it.


Your shape trembles in front of you, the changes are slightly and subtle, but to you they are tremendous. The creature you control is not a male anymore, she is a beautiful griffon with sharp colored feathers and a sly frame.


You don’t have words, but it simply feel more natural. A heavy burden is lifted from your back. You had never even noticed it was there, but you felt it your entire life.


Have you even been human to start with?


It could as well have been some twisted dream.


This is you now, this always have been you.


You asked me for a spell to dream of what would be human, but now you need to wake up, my beautiful gryphoness.


There is a bright light, far too bright. It took you a few seconds to understand you are seeing the computer screen, but your eyes simply seem much more perceptive. You try to close your eyes, but your body is unresponsive.

Written by Ashley-natter on 18 January 2017

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