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You see yourself reflected in the computer screen. Your eyes are bulged out, unnaturally golden like those of an eagle. Then you begin to feel the pulses of heat rushing through your body, your flesh twisting and shifting under your skin and cracking sounds of your bones realigning themselves.


It should be painful, it should feel like hell. You can only feel a suave tingle all over your body.


Your body grows in pulses. You feel the clothing ripping apart as your new muscles rapidly increase in size and strength. There is a long ripping sound and from you back two bony structures emerge violently. In front of your eyes you see the flesh covering the white bones and then come the skin. The feathers grow in quick succession all over your new wings and quickly spreading trough the upper half of your body, changing your skin as it spread.


Sharp, black claws erupt from the tips of your fingers, with yellow scales growing on your hands and forearms.


The lower part of your body is rapidly covered in a fine golden fur, your feet change shapes, becoming like big paws with vicious claws. From your lower back a long tail with a feathered tip sprouts.


You fall to the ground, the changes inside you keep going, everything settling in place as you face contorts and shapes into a long and strong beak. At the same time you fell your genitals shrinking and into your crotch and shaping themselves into a pussy.


You come to yourself some time later, curled on the floor amidst your ripped clothes, the voices of your friends coming from the computer.


Moving is hard, it seems you will need to relearn how to use your muscles.


You try to talk, but your voice comes out as a mighty screech.


They are complaining about the game, it seems that it has completely crashed and you have been making strange noises all along.


You try to talk to them, but you new form makes it impossible.


You hear a strange lullaby calling for you outside.


Written by Ashley-natter on 31 January 2017


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