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You decide that a bit of otherworldly help never hurt anyone. Thankfully there was a small shrine in your room for such a purpose. But there were so many potential spirits, which one would you choose? Perhaps praying to Amaterasu herself? She was the most powerful of the Kami, but what you needed right now wasn’t sunlight. What about a Gashadokuro? A large skeleton arising in the courtyard would be the perfect distraction for your wandering classmates. But that wasn’t very stealthy, now, is it? You racked your mind for potential suggestions until one stuck out to you. The Kitsune. They were mischievous spirits, known for their wily antics and intelligence. Plus their ability to shapeshift would come in handy… if they would lend it to you. With this in mind, you lit up some incense and began to pray to the kitsune, making clear to the spirit that there were rewards to be earned from helping you. After a few minutes of praying a voice picked up in your ear. “Treasure you say? Tell me the details.”


Your head snapped back and forth instinctively, you did not see anyone there. “Who are you?” You say as you started to check around the room, another protege could have been playing a trick on you. “Call me Kasumi, your neighborhood Kitsune.” She said just as you pulled the closet open to check for a hiding student.


“Kasumi, huh? Well assuming you aren’t one of the girls from the other dormitory, I’m trying to get into my master’s storeroom. If I take one of his treasures and present it to him then I’ll surely go up a belt.”


“And you need my help to get there. Well, that sounds good and all but I don’t see where I would profit from this.”


“You can have something from the store room. My master never goes in there anyways, I’m sure he wouldn’t miss some trinket.”


“Now you're speaking my language! I’m just going to have to ask one small thing in exchange for my help.”


You raised an eyebrow at this, you were already promising them a treasure in exchange for their help. A treasure that you had no idea if your Master would not notice it’s absence. The stakes were high but you decided to hear them out. “What else do you want?”


“Your body.” Kasumi’s inflection sounded diabolical. “But only temporarily. I’ll inhabit your body and do all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is watch. Once we’ve got the treasure, i’ll take my piece and go.”


Your body? It was a big ask to relinquish control of it, even for a few minutes. Kasumi could wreak untold havoc in your name. Or this is exactly what you needed. Perhaps you didn’t have the skills to make it on your own but Kasumi does. There also was the possibility that another spirit could have the boon you were looking for without the stipulation of losing control of your body.


This choice could have massive ramifications on your own life, you need to choose wisely.

Written by The Futa Guy on 24 April 2023

Both Decline Kasumi’s offer.
Both Accept Kasumi's offer.

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