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These costumes can’t just suddenly appear at this place, you thought, someone must have placed them here. Big chance is that someone will come again to put more or to take away some, and you can ask that person for help.


That’s why you decided to stay put.


While waiting, you look around at the other costumes, wondering will you change to the other type of animals if you put them on over this bear one? Will you stay as a beauty if you changed to other animals, though? Somehow you can’t risk that and decided that this bear is the best. It suited your height, too.


“Hello there, gorgeous,” you told your reflection on the mirror, and boy, your voice is nice to hear, too. It’s a bit on the soprano side, like Madonna. Or someone. It’s hard to define your type of voice if you can’t even remember what the types of female voice are.


You’ve observed all of the costumes, you’ve checked every functions of your new body (oh, you know what you’re doing with those assets, no need for further details on that, let’s just say that every inch of your body is working as how it should be, more even), you’ve even swept the room with a costume that’s too ragged you thought it’s about to be thrown away, you’ve been here for who knows how many hours. But no one came.


Maybe no one will. Maybe you should go out now.


After another hour of contemplating, you finally gave up and went out.


You’re too hungry to wait much longer and it’s only going back to where you came from anyway.

Written by kelingking2 on 30 April 2016

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