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Imagine, you’re now one of the land’s biggest carnivores! How cool is that? And you look damn fine, to boot! The furs are kind of soft, too. Just need a little grooming here and there to make them all fluffy like a teddy. Nice chest, nice behind, a Spanish guitar you are!


Besides, there’s no point in staying here. There’s nothing but costumes here and there’s no sign of other people coming in, too. No food either. How long can you wait with this situation? You’re part bear now, you must have bigger appetite than when you’re a human. Even in a situation like now you’re still thinking about food? Well, that’s the perks of being alive, isn’t it? So all things considered, leave and try to seek answer (will this look be permanent or is there a way to go back to be a human) is the best option you can choose right now.


Thinking positively like that, you stepped out and wow… this is definitely not the place you entered before!

Written by kelingking2 on 26 April 2016

Space, The Final Frontier
In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

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