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You moan loudly as your face begins to cramp up, a dull pain flowing through it almost like someone’s pulling on it. Your hand instinctively fly to your cheeks in fear as you feel them begin to stretch, your jaw being tugged forward by an invisible force.


Your nose begins to grow larger in your peripheral vision as it starts to darken and flatten alike. While you’ve never seen a fox’s muzzle up close, you get the distinct impression that this is what a vulpine nose looks like, and you cover it with both hands only to yelp in surprise at the feeling of how moist and spongy it is.


“Oh my God, I don’t want to be some kind of furry!” You exclaim loudly, whimpering with terror as the changes progress further, heedless of your consent. Long whiskers stretch out from your cheeks as the hair on your face thickens slightly, and you whimper with distress.


Then you gag, as your tongue instantly expands to thrice its normal length, filling your lengthening mouth and making you have to part your lips, letting it loll out as if you were some kind of animal. “N-no! Thith feelth wrong!” You slur around the long muscle, your hands trying to scoop it back into yourself.


Before you can make much headway into your efforts, your jaw cracks out into a complete muzzle, sending a shudder along your form as you instinctively slurp your tongue back into it. It’s such an alien sensation that your sharpening teeth almost slip your notice.


With that the tingling fades from your face, leaving you free to feel what it’s like to have a canine muzzle. Of course you leap upon this opportunity, whimpering and feeling your stretched face with both hands, a little distracted by how your face is constantly in your peripheral vision.


You’re a furry kitsune-girl, and judging from what that tablet told you, you’re not going to be changing back anytime soon. It also told you that you were the ‘guardian’ of this place, or something along those lines. Not that this little clearing is particularly bad, but this transformation’s given you some things to think about.


Which really only leaves one logical thing for you to do…

Written by SketchySeraph on 03 December 2015

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