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You decide that the best option right now is to take the risk of getting out of here. You have no idea what being the clearing’s guardian entails, but you don’t owe it anything, especially considering the fact that it’s not only changed your gender, but also your species.


You set out at a brisk pace, secretly hoping that none of the other island’s ‘guests’ catch sight of you like this. The only good thing about all of your fur is that it doesn’t get snagged on the brush that surrounds the clearing, making it a little bit easier to get out than it was to get in.


At least, that’s what you think until your feet begin to ache, no doubt from stepping on the brush beneath you. “I knew I should have kept my sandals on…” You pout, whimpering slightly as your burst free of the brush and back onto the path.


The edge of the thicket was far closer than you’d expected, and you find yourself falling to all fours with a small squeak, squeezing your eyes shut as your hands start to ache much like your feet did. You must have fallen on them poorly, so you roll onto your back and tentatively open your eyes, expecting to see something like a thorn jutting from your palm.


Instead, much to your shock and surprise, you find that your hand looks to be swollen. Your palm is entirely black and your fingers have all blimped up slightly. For a moment you worry that you’ve landed on something you’re allergic to; then you see that your fingernails have sharpened.


Your heart races as you realize that the transformation isn’t done with you yet, and you look down to your chest in a panic to see that your skin is bulging in three small rows beneath your breasts, the skin stretching as you grow a full set of multiple boobs, each pair smaller than the preceding set.


“Oh my God!” You yelp, hurriedly looking down to your feet only to gasp in shock at the sight of a pair of animal paws attached to your ankles. No doubt this is the work of that stupid shrine, probably some punishment for ‘abandoning your duties as a guardian’, or something along those lines.


Your heart clenches in your chest as you look down to your hands, watching your fingers shorten into your palms; leaving you with nothing more than animal paws. You look back to the brush behind you, wondering if it’s a better idea to just slink back towards the shrine and live your days in the clearing.


In a second, you know what you have to do, even though this decision might be your last…

Written by SketchySeraph on 05 December 2015

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