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You set off at a pace that would put Olympians to shame… If there was an Olympian record for stumbling and falling onto your face. You whimper and shake some of the dirt off of your muzzle discontentedly, looking back up to the path and setting off at a much slower gait, wobbling on your hind paws.


This only lasts for a few steps though, as your hips pop loudly, sending you falling to the ground in a heap. Your front paws thump onto the ground, and you whimper with distaste as your ensuing attempt to stand is met only with failure.


It’s here that your fight or flight reflex kicks in, and you find yourself scampering on all fours straight ahead, whimpering as your arms and legs continue to crack and pop, making it even easier for you to run and filling you with the oddest combination of relief and horror alike.


Still, even if these changes are terrifying you to your core, you can’t help but keep running, trying to get as far away from the shrine as possible. Your whole body begins to feel squeezed all over, like you’re trapped in some sort of vise, and you yip in surprise.


Then you yip again as you realize how animalistic that sound was; that your vocal chords must have already been hit hard by the change. The world looms larger and larger around you as you run, and you realize that your body is shrinking; getting so very, very small.


In seconds, the shrubs that once rose halfway up to your knees are now above your ears, and you let out a soft and panicked canine bark in shock, your running slowing to a halt as all of the tingling across your body sweeps to your breasts.


Your heart pounds as you look down to your arms, finding that they’re little more than canine limbs, and for a moment you wonder if it would be a better idea to keep yourself from looking further. But your curiosity has to be sated, and your eyes find your breasts in time to see them recede away beneath your fur, your nipples lengthening into what can only be teats.


Your heart aches and you let out a mournful howl as the tinging finally recedes from your body, leaving you trapped in the form of a female kitsune. Your tails sway behind you as another constant reminder of this change, and you whimper, not knowing what future cold possibly await you…

Written by SketchySeraph on 09 December 2015

The end (for now)

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