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The first thing you see after this jump is the light pulling you towards a spaceship.


The second is getting covered in some sort of goo which seeps into your skin, following some strange sensations throughout your body. Things quickly begin feeling much warmer around you.


While this is happening you look around, it seem like you're in some sort of cell , the force field stopping you from leaving. There is a bed, sink and toilet, along with a bowl of water.


The wall opens up and you see a camera arm watching you , along with what appears to be more of the goo in syringes in a variety of shades of the same one color, but none too dissimilar from one another in any key ways.


The goo seems to have affected your clothing as it seems to be falling apart as the camera watches. You try and hold them together but it falls apart in your hands, during this you discover that your skin feels a few degrees softer than what you are used to. You find this odd, but information that is of little use to you, so you put in the back of your mind for now.


One syringe arm is now approaching you, while backing away you get a jolt having backed into the force field and the syringe drains into your chest. The other syringe arms have hidden themselves back into the wall. The only thing left is the camera watching your chest intently, waiting for something, what that could be summons a few feelings of fear and discomfort. The anticipation swiftly wears upon your psyche.


The something soon is clear as striped fur grows over your chest, spreading from the point of injection. You try and remember what you wished for as you jumped into this reality. Animal transformation wasn't it? Perhaps it is a tiger that you're becoming?


While you are looking at your chest you feel a prick behind you and you turn to see another syringe has drained itself into you. And you see the tell-tale sign of a tail growing. Long and fluffy quite matching to your hypothesis that it is indeed a tiger you are changing into.


But just who is in charge here you wonder, hoping that you can get out at some point. By this juncture in time your skin has developed a fine fur all over. If you look close enough you can even see the stripes in it slowly forming in a wonderfully intricate pattern all over your fluffy new body.


You scratch an itch on your arm, all this hair is a little itchy as hair tends to be. OW! You accidentally prick yourself, it's not just fur, your hands are changing shape, they're a little bigger now and those sharp black claws mean serious business. They'd be perfect for dealing with anyone who comes your way and tries crossing you, but you may want to be more careful with them in case anymore of those itches show up. Fortunately you remember that tiger claws are retractable and put them away for now.


You feel a prick in the ears and brace yourself for the change, you feel them stretch up into what you assume are their new feline shape. Surprisingly you can hear the mechanical noises behind the wall as the arms move, ready to ambush you once more for potentially more changes or perhaps something far more sinister. What are these changes even for? Are you some kind of super soldier meant to fight an interplanetary war with some martians? Or maybe even against the earthlings? Or perhaps this is some crazy new futuristic health treatment with some very vivid hallucinations?


This is the point where you realize you have not eaten and your stomach is getting alarmingly noisy. A plate of meat slides out almost as soon as you come to this knowledge of your status. With the changes so far you realize the meat is almost certainly tainted with the goo but you are starving and the delicious smell finally overcomes you. As you eat you feel your mouth and nose stretch out, the new muzzle forming, as the rest of the head reshapes. This does make it difficult to eat, but not impossible. The meat has a somewhat smoky flavor to it and you find it to your liking.


You look between the force field and the bowl of water before tossing the water over the force field, watching it fizzle as it shorts out. Now that you are free it is time to seek out the aliens behind this experiment.

Written by HawlSera + Catprog on 28 November 2013

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