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You look outside the cell, taking in the row of cells. The first thing other then the cells is the single door blocking the exit into space.


You feel your body still shifting as you explore the cells. It seems like you are the only one inside for the moment. When you look down you realize your paws have formed and you are walking on your toes. Your walk becomes quite clumsy as you nearly trip, it's very akin to wearing high heels for the first time. But it seems like your mind is changing as well as if you forget about it, your walk is becoming quite natural. Soon you find yourself skipping and hopping happily as if you were born like this.


After walking around the edge of the cages to what you believe is the opposite wall to space you find another door. By the door you find a control panel. Pushing the open button however does not open the door and it flashes red.


Taking your new claws out you slice open the control panel. Inside you can clearly see the circuitry to open the door. Once you have opened it and gone through you find yourself on a balcony overlooking a large open area. At first their is no trace of the aliens until you come to the realization that the balloons you've noticed floating around are actually the aliens in question.


You watch for a moment admiring how efficiently they move around before resuming the search for a way off the ship. Your new stripy fur helping you hide in the shadows.


This is the time the alarm sounds and at first you think your escape has been discovered. However when the ship is shaken you realise the ship is under attack. Strangely for a moment you feel your own center of gravity shifting, more forwards than before.


Sticking to the shadows you move around looking for any sort of escape pod or some other way of getting off the ship. Luckily the aliens seem to be focused on the battle and you find an escape pod and escape.


You notice the seats in the escape pod are quite comfortable, the act of merely sitting seems be far more pleasant than it did before. Was this something to do with the seat or was having a stripy butt a really swell thing. It's like you couldn't feel the more sensitive parts of your body at all! Of course it could just be a very comfortable seat.


Despite a few close calls with weapons and what appears to be a dragon you make it out of the battlefield and the balloon aliens shimmer and disappear, for now. The other group approach your pod and before you can do anything you find yourself inside one of their ships.


Written by HawlSera + Catprog on 30 November 2013

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