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You sit there collecting yourself until you hear a knock on the side of the pod.
Looking out you see a bunch of creatures standing waiting for you. You push what you hope is the open door button and you are relieved to see the door opening. Not so relieved to see the weapons they are holding on you.


"I am unarmed, Those aliens kidnapped me and changed me" You say to them.


They nod and what appear to be a human except for the fox ears and a couple of tails on her speaks "Yeah, the same thing happened to me, and a bunch of others. If you follow me I will introduce you to them."


"What about the others right here beside you?" You ask.


She smiles "They are from the other main planets the alien kidnap people from. From Earth there are six of us, including you. Dolphin, Dragon, Tigress, Vixen, Unicorn, and Rabbit"


"Dragon and unicorn? I thought they were mythical. Wait did you say Tigress?" You tilt your head, you saw no striped cat of any kind. Except for yourself, but you were a boy? Right? And she only said six animals which was the number she said was from earth including yourself.


"Yeah, that is what you are correct?" She says interrupting your train of thought.


"You mean I was made female as well?" you say looking over your body and the 3 pairs of breasts on your chest, it slowly dawning on you that yes, You are indeed now three times as female as they usually come.


"Yeah, that is quite common among those of us changed, I think you are the 3rd one so far. It is almost as if the aliens did not consider the original sex before changing us." The vixen replies.


"Which ones were they?" You ask not only curious, but wondering if they have any pointers for a now transgender.


She smiles "Around here it is considered impolite to ask, you will have to find out for yourself." before continuing "And I bet you are wondering why it took you so long to figure that out. The same way you are walking on your toes, unless you focus on the changes it is like you were never human. Anyway with the dragon and unicorn it seems like the aliens can create us into mythological creatures and not just animals that actually exist"


"I remember being human though" You object, looking at your arms and recalling when they were covered in flesh not fur. The way it had been for a majority of her life.


She nods in response "It's not like you forget. It is like it doesn't matter any more."


"Anyway now that they have gone, we can gather in the Earth quarters. There are not enough of us to run our own attack ship, so we fit into our specialities on other ships when we try and attack the aliens." The vixen explained. What have you gotten yourself into with this wish? Battles with aliens, now there's something that might not be covered under your insurance plan.


"Why do the aliens kidnap people from Earth and change them?" You ask, from a glance it seemed like a somewhat a quite silly thing for aliens to do.


"It is not just us, they are kidnapping from other planets. We do not know why however. Theories range from brides to zoos to food." The vixen's fear seemed to ramp up as she said this.


By now you have arrived in the quarters. The room ajoins a balcony which reminds you of the alien ship. When you point this out to the vixen she smiles "Of course, our main base of operations is a living ship. This ship was grown inside her."


"It was? grown inside of her?" You ask in sheer disbelief. That sounded crazier than the ovaries and tail you have now.


She nods "Quite young, this was her first battle. She is yet to choose a name. The others and I have an even younger one for flying around in and trading. Not even big enough for the dragon."


The vixen whistles at the friend you and her were inside. "Anyway the mother of all the ships used to be much smaller, he was an alien who had been kidnapped. He volunteered to be injected with the goop while the other kidnapped people watched. This was in the very early days and he wanted to help advance the understanding of the aliens and their goop. It did not help with that, but it provided a base of operations."


"I guess you have no idea on how to reverse the changes?" You ask. Although it's not so bad being a tigress and you can't say you miss the fellas, a cure still sounded like some definitive need to know information.


"If we did at least one of us would have used it by now. Like I've said twice already, we don't really understand much about the goop that made us this way." The vixen answered.


"I guess that makes sense.. but I just realized something, this is embarrassing, but... i don't even know your name" you say. "Mine's [insert name here]"


She smiles "Viki."


Written by HawlSera + Catprog on 01 December 2013

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