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The sky is suddenly covered with artillery fire from the positions on Earth, the shells simply appearing out of nowhere and hitting the city with a thunderous roar. The demons are quick to fight back, reports come back from Earth that massive hordes of demons had converged on the artillery positions.


You smile as their towers collapse. After months of being almost defeated and struggling to defend the few remaining cities on Earth, this chance to strike back at them and for once destroy their cities was going to be awesome.


“Your mission is to secure any of the portals inside the city. Our troops on Earth are waiting to launch an attack on the other side of the portal to secure it and begin sending reinforcements!”


Flying demons begun to take to the skies as the volume of artillery diminished, there were thousands upon thousands of them and probably there should be even more demons on the ground.


“It’s another suicide mission,” David says. “But it still looks fun.”


You close your eyes for a moment, getting in the right mood. At the same time the gryphon on the screen stretch his wings. For a moment you could swear you almost felt it.


In your headset the voices of your friends seem distant and muffled, you almost can hear the wind blowing around. You hear the clacking of your claws on the steel deck and the hot wind blowing against your face, your eyes are sharper and more accurate than even the most advanced sensors
humans can built easily. For a single moment you feel the strength under your wings and the power of your wings.


You are pulled back to reality by Pammy’s voice.


“Can we count on you for air support?”


It takes you a moment to recover your voice. “Yeah, don’t worry. I’ll try to stick close, any of you have the signal flares?”


“I have some,” David spoke. “I couldn’t craft more, needed the phosphorus to craft more incendiary grenades.”


“I always can use my signaling spells.” Gassan adds.


“Good luck, soldiers. Everyone on Earth is counting on you.”


The grand-Wizard snapped you a farewell salute, and his image winked out, replaced by the loadout selection screen.

Written by Ashley-natter on 03 December 2016

Air Support

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