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You select your kit for air-support. A harness carrying several anti-material bombs, some light armor made of enchanted steel, and enchanted blades on your claws. You love the weird combination of magic and technology from the game.


You reached out to blindly place your hands on the controllers in front of you, adjusting their placement in preparation for the mission. Then you took a deep breath and exhaled it slowly, trying to relax. This was usually the best part of your day, when you got to escape your existence for a few hours.


But tonight, you didn’t feel like you was escaping anything. You felt anxious. Excited. You feel the smell of sulphur in the air and the napalm burning their city.


On the screen you see the strip, you hear the roar of the heavy dragons launching themselves to the sky and some of them jumping on the warm waters. You can swear you can smell their powerful scent, maybe you are going crazy.


Your hands seem glued to the keyboard and mouse, your hands move without thought or doubt to the correct buttons and you launch yourself to the sky, a hot gust of war coming from the city makes it easy to climb higher and higher in a short span of time.


The sun rose unhurriedly from the sea, and you strain against the steep sky, breathing deep. You feel your body tickling, but you can’t move to scratch it. The sea roars below you as the water dragons face against the sea demons. Your mind flickers lightly in the thin air, you are gasping for air.


Yours… No, the gryphon’s wings drew in and flapped out sluggishly. You bank to the left to face the incoming horde, your heart is pounding fast. You fell dizziness, maybe you will pass out in front of the computer, but you can’t stop it. You don’t know how you are controlling the avatar anymore, your hands don’t seem to answer to your commands.


Your friends are talking, but their voices seem distant and faded. You struggle against it, this mysterious force that seems to chain you, but there is a single point of escape. The gryphon flies free and unrestrained.


A shiver glided down your spine to your feathered tail.


No… that’s not right, you don’t have a feathered tail. Do you?

Written by Ashley-natter on 20 December 2016


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