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You think about how to approach the subject as you see Marcus go towards the lake, kneeling down and then you instinctively speak.


"Don't drink the water!" you call out loudly and he snaps, turning towards you. "Its... poisoned." You say, not knowing how to approach the subject.


"Pardon?" he asks, confused.


"Last night..." you begin slowly. He wont think your crazy, some odd things happened here and he could see it!!! "I came here I was thirsty myself... I saw the pond and... well, in it is a reflection of myself... as a woman." You tell him and there is a moment of silence.


"..." he looks at you oddly, wanting more explanation as you continue.


"I was a MAN when I came here!" you declare and continue before allowing him much time to dwell on things. "I saw myself like this" you point out. "And I was too thirsty to care. I drank the water and... and I..." you waver but continue. "I transformed... rather harshly... my head hurt and everything was spinning but at the end of it I looked like this!" you point out and his eyes go wide


"I believe you..." he says but ponders on it. "Still I am thirsty and we don't know where we can find another source of water... should I drink it and risk it?" he asks you looking for advice. You stop for a moment to think about his words.


Written by Luksinatriks on 28 December 2017

Both You tell him not to risk it.

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