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``Although it is dangerous, one of us will have to go back there, to find him; as much as I would love to do that, I cannot do it, for I have other obligations and so does Pammy, who is obligated to attend the cheer-leading practice'' added David, as he looked at the others, while Pammy walked to his side, feeling safe for a moment. She wanted to thank him for excluding her from the potential rescue crew, but she knew that it could sound a bit tacky, especially in front of them.


``Oh sure, Pammy is out, like this wasn't expected; even if there was a vote on this matter, I have the impression that the results would have been the same'' said Jake, as he crossed his arms, looking at the ground with disdain.
The group stood silent for a moment, as if Jake said something that touched a nerve; perhaps he was a bit blunt, or a bit too loud for his own good, even though he did have a point. It was all a matter of perspective, after all...
``Oh Jake, it's all in your mind; in life, we all have to fulfill our duties. Pammy is no different; she cannot let the team down, even if you believe that some obscures forces are plotting against you. But don't worry; if there is a need for her help, she will be able to provide in due time. But for now, we will have to decide who will have to go there; the decision will be between Jake and Gassam. Now, let hear if there is a su... I mean, a courageous soul out there'' said David, as he looked at the group for a moment, before focusing on his right hand, as if he needed to polish his nails.


Jake looked at him for a moment, before looking all around him; perhaps if he played his cards well, he would be able to get out of this situation. He would just have to pretend that he had an important meeting or something like that, although he knew it was a lie; he needed to protect himself from what was waiting out there and this was the best way to do it.


``I am sorry to tell you all, but I cannot go on; you see, I have to go to a wedding tomorrow; I cannot permit myself to be tired or wounded for such an important event. I'm sorry Jake, but it seems like you will have to deal with it this time; don't worry, though. I'm sure that nothing wrong will happen to you, but be careful; we don't want to read about your disappearance in the newspaper just like in the case of Daniel. Perhaps he was a fool that meddled a bit too much in elements that surpassed him, but no worry. You will not make the same mistakes he did, I am sure of it. Now go and don't come back before you discover the mystery of the forest'' said Gassam, as he fiddled with his wallet for a moment, before focusing his attention on Jake.


He knew that they weren't telling him the truth, but what could he do? If he would refuse to go on with the mission, then he would look like he is a coward, unable to participate in the collective effort. Although he didn't care much about his reputation, he cared enough about Daniel to pursue this imposed mission until the very end.


As he left the group to their own scheming and plotting, he wondered how he would do it; would he rush into the forest, or would he take the time to take a map, draw himself a road to follow and stick to it? That would make sense, if the object in question wasn't lost and possibly moving; although it was going against his common sense, he knew that all he could do was to head toward the woods and plunge into the darkness, to find Daniel.

Written by zanian on 25 September 2014

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