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But before doing so, he wanted to grab an item that would make the journey easier on his mind; although it wasn't the most useful item out there, the sentimental value he attached to it was enough to justify its presence.


It was a simple fox tail, made out of fake fur; although he knew that it was fake, it gave him the impression the he was a fox, for a short moment. This impression was enough for him to brave any danger, although he wondered why it worked. Perhaps it tapped into a deep fantasy of his, but he didn't want to think about it too much; he had to save his friend before it would too late.


A bit lazy in nature, he decided to take the bus; it's not like the people inside would care about his peculiar garment anyway, not when there were stranger individuals on board. It's not like he would stand out of the crowd too much...


And he was right; the travel, as annoying as it was, was rather short, without anyone caring about the tail hanging on his behind. After all, with the beggar asking for change and the passed out drunk, he was considered a normal person, unworthy of attention.


Even though he wanted to stop right in front of the forest, he had to stop a bit further away, for the bus didn't stop near it. Walking wasn't going to kill him, though, but he wanted to get rid of this fast, so he could go back to whatever could fill his afternoon.


He looked at the forest for a moment; it seems intimidating, but there was nothing to it. If a fox could wander in the woods without any problems, then he could do the same without any sort of worries, even though he wasn't one. He just had to be careful, for it was possible that there was some sort of danger lurking around...


But where should he go? His friend could be anywhere in the area; perhaps by looking for some sort of trail or footprints, he would be able to find a clue about the disappearance. It would be perfect to look at the ground, especially since these past few days the sky had been clear, devoid of any clouds or rain that could have erased the clues in questions.

Written by zanian on 26 September 2014

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