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Only then he realized that he´s a griffon and people who will see him in the street would probably panic. But when he rushed out, nothing happened. No one paid him any attention, like he was invisible. And maybe he was invisible. It would definitely make more sense than being a griffon. Shrugging the thoughts off, Daniel ran to Pammy´s house as fast as he could with his new four legs.


It appeared that controlling his new body came simply, like an instinct. After few meters, Daniel could run easily and he began to understand what to do to make the griffon body move as he wanted. He headed to Pammy´s because the party was there last night and if his friends managed to leave the complex on their own, they probably went there.


Daniel ran the whole way and only slowed down in Pammy´s garden. The van was parked in front of the garage, so his friends probably managed to get back. Probably.


Not wasting any time, Daniel rushed to the door, only to realize that he couldn´t press the bell with his paws. He decided to knock instead, using his hard beak. After a moment, he could hear the steps on the other side of the door and his pulse speeded up. Nervously, he shuffled on the spot, waiting, hoping that at least his friends were still human.


“Who´s there?” Pammy´s voice called from the house and then she opened, looking tired but blissfully human. Daniel would hug her if he could, but he could only shriek and wave his wings.


When Pammy´s eyes stopped on him, they almost fell out of the sockets. She leaned on the door, clutching the doorknob so hard that her knuckles turned white.

Written by lulu-illussions on 01 April 2017


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