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“Oh. Thanks God,” Pammy exhaled, looking utterly relieved. “Boys?” she called back into the house. “Come here. Now!”


Daniel could hear some distant voices and then David, Gassan and Jake came running. They all looked all right, thought very tired. Daniel noticed that all of them were wearing the same clothes as the night before and they all had dark circles under their eyes. He wondered what happened to them in the complex, but he was glad that they were at least still humans.


“Oh, Daniel, thank God, you´re all right,” Jake said and rushed to hug Daniel.


“We were so worried, when you got lost. Where were you?” Gassan asked. Pammy had one hand on the door and she pressed the other one to her chest.


“We searched everywhere, Daniel,” she said in unusually serious tune. “How could you scare us like that?”

Written by lulu-illussions on 12 April 2017

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