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Pammy and David headed straight to the fence, as if they already were there before and knew exactly where to go. The others followed them, until they reached a small gap in the fence. The gap wasn´t very big, so Daniel overlooked it at the first sight, but it was large enough for an adult to crawl thought it. Maybe Daniel should have wondered how Pammy and David knew about the gap, but they probably wouldn´t have answered him anyway. So he followed them into the complex, nervously looking around.


“We´re here,” he whispered unconsciously, despite there was no one there who could hear him. “What now?”


“You´re joking?” Gassan asked in disbelief. “We must find out the truth about the visions. You realized that they weren´t just normal dreams, right?”


“What do you mean?”


But Gassan only shook his head and walked into the complex of the abandoned military buildings. Daniel hesitated, but then he did the same, like some invisible force was luring him closer to those buildings. He knew that they were empty, the army took everything away when they left, but there was still something indescribable that was attracting him.

Written by lulu-illussions on 01 November 2016

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