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Daniel followed Gassan, carefully watching where he was stepping. So far, they didn´t see anything interesting, just some abandoned buildings. Pammy took the lead and it seemed like she was heading to some exact place, instead of just wandering around.


“Where do you want to go?” Daniel asked her, but Pammy didn´t respond. She just kept walking in steady, determined pace. It made Daniel feel like she knew something he didn´t know, like she had some sense of the destination.


“Were you here before?”


“We all were,” David retorted instead of Pammy. His tall, muscular figure was hovering over Pammy from one side, while Gassan walked at her other side.


“What do you mean?” Daniel wondered.


“Don´t you recognize this place?” David answered with a question and Daniel curiously looked around. He was never in the complex and he didn´t understand how David meant it.

Written by lulu-illussions on 16 November 2016


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