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“Doesn´t it feel familiar?” David continued, as if reading Daniel´s mind. “The windows. Notice the windows.”


Daniel slowed down to pay more attention to the windows of the buildings which they were passing by. Some of the windows looked casual, but some of the ones on the higher floors were covered by the reflexive paint which made it impossible to see what was inside. With a corner of his eye, Daniel caught a glimpse of something green. He quickly turned around, but there wasn´t anything which could have caused it. Shaking his head, he pushed the anxiety aside and fastened his steps to catch up with his friends. But the feeling of something eerie hovering just behind his vision field made shivers run down his spine.


“Here,” Pammy said suddenly.


“Wha-!” Daniel almost walked into her, because she stopped abruptly. He looked over Pammy´s shoulder to the building which she was staring at, and the breath caught up in his throat.


The windows were all covered by the reflexive paint, but one of the lower windows was partially broken and through the hole in the glass, Daniel could see faint green light. It was the same like in his dreams, green glow coming seemingly out of nowhere.

Written by lulu-illussions on 02 December 2016

Outside the building

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