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“I… gave up my memories?” Jane Fox looked down at her bracelet, “does that mean you guys know who I am?”


“I’m afraid not, and if we did we wouldn’t be allowed to say. It could be a confounding variable in the experiment,” the doctor replied.


“What kind of experiment is this? And does it involve the… tail?” Jane’s tail flicked about as she thought of it, not quite something she was able to control yet.


“Yes, you volunteered to attempt to teach an animal human concepts. To see that if given the potential if an animal can be more than a being of instincts. The process of course involves you taking on a similar appearance to the creature. It would help foster a sort of common ground.” The doctor checked something on a tablet as he calmly spoke.


“So… I’m trying to teach a fox how to be a person?” Jane fought the urge to scoff at the idea. If not for the fact that she had vulpine traits herself now she’d have thought the man was crazy or joking.


“A former fox, just as you are being altered, so was he. Now, I think it’s best we get the two of you introduced. Just take things at whatever pace you like, don’t rush any concepts he pushes against.” The doctor motioned for Jane to stand and began leading her down a hall.


“Wait, what about my body? I’m still mostly human.” Jane’s focus had somewhat shifted, her concerns were no longer on what she had forgotten or the changes occurring, but rather this strange experiment she had apparently given up her memories to join.


“There’s no harm in your changes finishing in his presence, in fact being with him can only serve to increase the speed of the changes,” the doctor replied flatly. He swiped a keycard and a passage opened up. After some prodding, Jane Fox stepped through it and into her test.

Written by Kolaghan on 18 May 2018


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