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The room was a soft eggshell color. The furnishing in the room, a pair of mattress laid out on the floor and a singular table, were the same white shade. All Jane could think about was how artificial and clinical it looked, she couldn’t have imagined anybody living in a place like this. The floor was cold but her thick pads protected her from any real discomfort as took her first steps into the room.


The large creature huddled on one of the beds was impossible to miss. In a sea of uniform white there was a dash of vibrant red. It was a fox, at least, mostly. It was larger than Jane by at least a foot and several pounds with a large, almost human like torso jutting out from a muscular, vulpine body. It had four legs and two arms and was staring the alarmed woman down with its sharp yellow eyes.


The best way Jane could describe the creature was a fox centaur, although there was not a scrap of humanity present outside of that torso’s shape. It was like something from a fantasy novel or the lab of a mad scientist from a horror film. Yet, despite how jarring the sight was, there was something impressive to the creature, an undeniable majesty that made Jane’s heart beat quicker than before. It was like the feeling of seeing a bear out in the wild, a strange mix of awe and fear.

Written by Kolaghan on 22 May 2018

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