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“H-Hello there,” Jane Fox mumbled as she slowly stepped towards the creature.


It sniffed at her, the beast’s head cocked in curiosity. It stood up with ease before it began to trot around the nervous woman. It was looking her over as if it were sizing her up, every so often taking another sniff at her. Jane tried her best to hold still, barely even wanting to breathe let alone utter a word to the creature.


“Why are you here?” The creature’s voice was smooth as it spoke a sentence of perfect English. It had no discernible accent and was most definitely male.


“You can talk?!” Jane squeaked out in shock.


“Of course I can talk, everything talks,” it explained, “it’s just that you can hear it now.”


“What does that mean?” Jane rubbed her arm as the fox creature walked right up next to her. It grabbed hold of one of her ears, tugging at it slightly. She noticed then that the shape felt off, more angular and pointed than before.


“You’ve got the right ears now,” he explained.


“O-or maybe it’s because you’ve got the right mouth?” Jane winced as she spoke, his tugging had sped up the tweaks in her ears. They felt full of fluid and clogged as they shifted further, coming to rest on the top of her head. “You’re not barking like a fox after all.”


The fox creature frowned a bit, considering that. “I suppose I have sounded a bit weird recently…”

Written by Kolaghan on 26 May 2018

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