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You say this word to yourself and you decidedly turn and walk in the other direction, but your body is burning and your mind is reeling, and you're finding yourself suddenly very concerned with what is happening.
Because there's a thought trickling in the back of your mind about what it could be... an image in your head from watching Animal Planet, and from the way that your dogs used to act before they'd pop out pups a few months later.
Could it be that the biology of the creature that you were transformed into includes going into heat? The thought makes you shudder, because the last thing that you want it to be mounted by males, to be impregnated -- you'd truly become part of the zoo then, wouldn't you? A mother.
You aren't a mother.
You aren't a female.
You aren't a Sphynx. You're a man.
You try to tell your mind this and you force yourself to take more steps forward, faster and faster until you're running the edge of the enclosure. You know that it's a fruitless endeavor, because the enclosure is just a great big circle; the wings on your back carry you into flight for the first time, and you soar through the air, hitting at the top of the cage as though you can somehow phase through it.
But you can't... and your body isn't used to using the wings so you soon light back to the ground... and find yourself back in the spot where you started.
With your back pressed against the wall.
With your body burning.
With instinct roaring through you and damn near demanding that you step forward towards the cavern that waits for you, the males who are still standing there and watching you with careful and eager eyes that you know you aren't going to be able to resist for much longer.
You try to sit down again -- it doesn't feel right. It makes your body hurt.
You take a step forward, and your head reels with the want that is pouring through you.
You try to freeze your muscles.
To stop yourself.
But it doesn't seem like you can.

Written by Karlyene on 18 October 2020

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