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Your feet carrying you forward against your will, and the eyes that are looking in your direction seem to flare to life, as though they can sense your ascent to the situation that is happening, your inability to fight your own instincts any longer. You're still trying, but you know that it's a failed endeavor, and more than that, with each step that you take towards the cave, something inside of your body is starting to feel better.
You've been fighting the situation that you're in this entire time. You haven't allowed yourself even a moment of acceptance, or the ability to just enjoy yourself for whatever there is to enjoy. There's so many things that you've been ignoring, and the cavern is one of them.
It's perfectly tailored to what you are -- there are nests, empty nests in the back edges of it. The sight of that makes your body burn. There are pits of water to play in, curving, warm rocks that are heated from the outside to make it even more comfortable. It is truly tailored in here for the most comfort...
And it smells like a pack -- it smells like comfort and fur and feathers and home.
You jerk your head to the side with a snort of derision. Home smells like microwaveable food and beer. Not like a cave full of creatures. You remind yourself of that even as you continue to step forward, and as the males start to fan and spread out around you. You show them your teeth, still unwilling to give in to the instincts that are telling you you'd to best just to lay down and allow nature to take its course.
You don't want want it.
You do want it.
Your confusion is a rampant thing that is pulsing and pouring through your entire body with such strength that you're not sure you're going to be able to resist it any more.
Especially when they circle close, their wings stretching to spread out -- it's a display of strength, prowess, and you know that you respond to it somewhere deep inside, because it makes your own wings flutter with a trill of excitement. You want to turn a circle, to present them for a moment with your back; you want to give in to your instinct. They continue to circle you, doing their dance, so right in how it feels as it pulses through your body, telling ever nerve ending that you have that these males are presentable, that they're capable of bringing you good, strong offspring.
And though you want to fight it, the burning in your body is too much. The need to feel close to someone or something races through you and takes over whatever human instincts you might have left.
You turn.
You lay down in admission.
And you feel it when they approach.

Written by Karlyene on 20 October 2020

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