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So it seems like you need to find a place nowhere near any water to stop the change. But with the zoo being full of aquatic animals where are you going to find a place that does not have any?


Your left arm has covered itself in the rubbery skin now too, and your fingers are sticking together. Looking around frantically, you see a path. Full of hope, you follow it...and come to what looks like an ocean....miles from where an ocean should be.


You look over the ocean "Why is the ocean here?"


"We are taking over the world, or at least part of it. Rather than destroy the humans we are changing them to suit" you hear behind you.


"Do you really want to fight it?" A smooth, feminine voice asks from behind you.


You turn around to see the zookeeper standing there.


"How do you know what I am thinking? Are you reading my mind?"


"Perhaps" she says "but nearly all of the creatures in the zoo felt that way."


"But I am human." you say looking her over "If I asked you to turn me back would you?"


" race is reclaiming this world, using this zoo. Look at this way...we could flood the planet...but like this humans will survive in our care." She said.


"Yes but how human will we be? And what about all the other animals?"


" won't be. When you are finished it will be as if you were born an animal. As for the land animals...well...they will adapt."


"Hang on. 'Your race?' What do you mean by that? You look human." You say.


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 24 September 2015


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