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"We are shapeshifters. Selkies to be exact. Seals in the water, human on the land."


"But the waitress. She had blue fins. That wasn't a seal." You say, starting to panic. You are going to get out of here as soon as you find out what is going on.


"Of course not, selkies are not the only race who are working in the zoo. She is something else, possibly a siren."


A look of confusion comes over your face. "And...what exactly are you doing? All these aquatic races..what is going on?"


"We are saving the planet, Humans were damaging the environment so we are replacing them with the zoo. And by changing the humans we can keep the animals from going extinct."


Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 25 September 2015

Deep Sea Aquarium

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