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You shake your head and fear and run off, leaving the supposed shapeshifter. This can't be true. The human race was doomed, it couldn't be. "Not doomed silly! Improved!" The squeaky voice in your head says." Clutching at your temples you shake the dolphin mind away as best you can and keep running, coming to another suburb far beyond where the zoo should be able to reach.


At the center of the suburb where there used to be a shopping center is an aquarium , inside you see a human , arms and legs in the process of becoming tentacles and they are growing. The eyes bug out as you watch, the pupils squashing, and suddenly they balloon to enormous size. The sign by the window says ‘Giant squid." A huge tentacle hits the glass as you watch, causing you to stumble back.


The next window has Humpback anglerfish on the sign . Inside are a bunch of male humans who are shrinking as you watch. The female while shrinking is not as pronounced. From the foreheads of everyone of them is a protrusion with a light on the end of it.


Suddenly you feel a sucking sensation. Your fingers! The right arm now is covered in rubbery gray dolphin skin and your fingers have melded together in a single lump of flesh. But a morbid curiosity overtakes you and you decide to continue exploring this doomsday aquarium.


The next one is Giant Spider Crab . The human in the tank is huge and has claws for hands and feet. Along with extra legs.


"Young dolphin, what are you doing?" The voice came again, from a watery area to the left.


You look and see a seal swimming around.


"Human, I am trying to find a way to get away from your zoo."


"You can't." The seal climbing out of the water and morphed visibly into the human girl, shedding her seal skin as she does. "These tanks are temporary. Once the human race is ready, we are going to flood the world except for some islands."


She goes up to the wall holding the tank and opens a panel showing a tv, the newscast showing a muti-camera shot. You recognise many landmarks being converted into aquariums. The Eiffel Tower, Sydney opera house, Statue of liberty, The Pyramids.


"See. This is happening all over the world"


You feel a sucking sensation on your other arm and find yourself left with two useless gray, fingerless arms. Sighing you turn to the selkie. "What happens if I give in? What happens to who I am?"


"You become a dolphin. We will take care of you don't worry about that."


You shake your head. "No, I mean what happens to my mind. To who I am. Am I going to basically die and something else live in my body?"


"No we will change your mind to be better suited to the new body."

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 26 September 2015

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