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sigh, looking at your sleek gray arms. "I give up." You say with a sense of finality.


She smiles "Follow me" and head off to the train station "This is the quickest way to get your home."


You nod slowly and follow the seal creature."I have one request….I love dolphin shows. If I'm to change...I'd like to be trained into my new body and mind."


"Of course. We will do our best to help you. But are you sure you want to be a performing dolphin and not a wild one?"


You blink. "What need will there be for performing dolphins? No humans remember?"


"I was referring to your comment about show. So wild dolphin right?"


"No...I'd like to be trained by a dolphin trainer, just like the shows I watched as a kid. What I'm wondering is, if there is no humans left, who will be around to watch me?"


"Well, if you want a dolphin show the selkies for starters would be happy to provide an audience."


You laugh. "No, I'm talking about after my change. When all the humans are gone. I want to be a performer."


She nods "For the selkies and other races like them right?"


"Would that work? Aquatic creatures like you would come to a dolphin show?"


"If we had the permission of the dolphins sure."


It's there you make a life changing choice. "Well..let's train my humanity away."


"As you wish" she says.


You arrive back at the dolphin lagoon and as you slip into the water the dolphin mind chirps in happiness and you feel a longing to just swim around. But you decide to start playing the part. "Well...I'm ready Miss...?"


"Lia. No need to be so formal with Miss."


"Okay Lia. Let's train me into my new body!!!" you say with a giggle. "Wow..why am I excited about this?"


"Dolphins are always easy to get excited. It appears your two minds are now merging into one."


"So whats first...trainer?" you ask, treading water.


"Can you tailwalk yet?"


"No tail." you say with a giggle.


"Have you checked recently?"


"I...ohhhhhh!!!" An intense pleasure shoots through you and you close your eyes.


"Did you just get your tail?"


But you are in no condition to answer or open your eyes, overwhelmed as you are with the sensation of something growing into your pants.


"Do you need any help?" she asks looking slightly concerned.


"I...I think I do." you bite out. The sensation of change is too much to handle.


She nods putting her skin on and diving in as a seal.


Meanwhile you are paralyzed with a strange pleasure as the tail strains against your soaked clothes.


The seal meanwhile takes out her claws to help remove the clothes from you.


You give a very dolphin-like squeal as your tail explodes out of the pants. Your eyes open to reveal the black eyes of a dolphin. "Better better bettter!!!" You exclaim happily.


She nods and hops back out shedding her skin again "Now can you walk on said tail?"


You give a squealing laugh. "Can I!?" You push yourself to your tail and begin wiggling before falling back over. "I can't. Legs in way." You say, the withered appendages are creating drag.


"Not for much longer." she says "They will soon be gone."


You wiggle your body furiously, and with a wet squelch your legs fly off your tail! Happily you tail walk around the pool before coming to a stop before lia.


She smiles tossing you a fish. "Good work. I don't think we have chosen a dolphin name for you though."


At this point your human and dolphin mind are almost completely merged and the fight has gone out of you. "Dolphin name dolphin name!!!" You think. "Orion!"


She nods. "Do you want to remove your shirt now or later?"


"Now now now!! Shirt slower!!!" You say as you feel your dorsal fin pressing into it. But before you can reach to take it off, your arms decide to replace themselves with flippers.


She reaches down and grabs it "Now swim yourself out."


You give a squeal and swim backwards leaving your shirt behind.


"Now any final words before your head changes?"

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 27 September 2015

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