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…you see it! It's as big as a horse; you powerdive down upon it, pleased at how easily your anthropomorphic form slips between trees. You catch its neck in your jaws and hands, and strain your wings to pull up, but it's too heavy! You feel a short, sharp shock rattle up through your arms and face—broke its neck, most likely—and then you slam to the ground, rolling over and over, with your prey half-wrapped around you.


Once you come to rest, you get a clear look at your quarry: It's a deer. Brown-furred, this time. But its torso is about three times longer than any normal deer, and it's got eight legs! And for the next while, you gorge yourself on the plentiful carcass. By the time you finish, you aren't just full, you're massively overstuffed! Your belly's circumference is a good two-three times greater now than it was when you woke up; during your after-feeding stretch, all that meat shifts, pleasantly and ponderously, in your stomach.

Written by Catprog & Cubist on 28 September 2010

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