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Now for somewhere to sleep it all off. The tower would be nice… but no, your distended midsection is just too big and heavy; best to find a closer spot. Looking around, you see a good, thick tree in the sun; you waddle over to it, not bothering to stifle your yawns. Slowly, laboriously, you claw your way up its trunk to a wide, sturdy branch about 20 feet up. And after you arrange yourself on that branch, in a posture carefully calculated to intercept every available sunbeam, you zone out…


You are woken up when you hit the ground after changing back to the taur form some time in your sleep. Luckily your cat instincts have made you land on your feet and no major damage has been done. Hmph, so bulky and clumsy! Fortunately, you have a cure for that.


The anthropomorphising spell: This third casting is the easiest yet. Next time, you'll have to try it without looking at the book it's in! You smile at the familiar feelings as you stand upright again.

Written by Catprog & Cubist on 29 September 2010

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