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“There is an unseen danger somewhere around here. It was coming from the north and it was quite weird… I saw some stuff that I was never meant to see and I want to be able to help you all figure out whatever the hell is going on here.” You mentioned in a brief yet convincing pitch. The other seals were looking at you as though you were some kind of strange and mysterious creature. You could tell by the looks on their faces that they were still trying to figure out your ibes. You watched as they all slowly took turns approaching you just to get a good whiff of you. Of course, these were all seals and you guessed that this was something typical for them.
“How are we to trust you?” One of the larger males approached you, cutting through the crowd of much smaller seals just to get a good idea of what was going on. “You look particularly strange’ He said as he took a good look at you. Quickly, he did his own vibe checking and when you reached out your hand for him to sniff it, he recoiled for a moment. Next, he took a look at your thick blubbery seal body down below.
You were almost like some kind of centaur but a seal. It was quite odd for him as they took in the scene. Even you were still getting used to your new body- still getting used to being seen and perceived by other people as you explored through this new world.
“Well. I do have some information that’s valuable to you. Something that you couldn’t have anticipated. I can tell, something’s about to happen here and I am trying to make sure that everyone of my kind can be safe and live long and prosperous lives.”
“Someone… of your kind?” the large male said before looking around at the other subjects of his kingdom, as well as back at you. It was obvious that he was still taking some time to process what he was seeing- everyone was in fact.
You realized that in that moment you really did have to come up with something more sufficient than what you had already mentioned just to convince them to let you have some kind of involvement with their pack. Regardless of the daunting task before you, it was easy for you to quickly work your way into their story.
“Yes, well. As you can see, I am of your kind, I am also of a different breed… A human.” You mentioned in a half truth half lie. Honestly, you really were Half human… So does that make it a whole truth? You’re not too sure, you were never good at math, especially so those nasty fractions. Like why should you put a number over another number anyway.
Whatever, you had to stay focused. At this point, it seems as though you did indeed get a chance to convince them of something. But what exactly? You still had yet to decide.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 21 December 2023

I’ve seen humans
I’ve been attacked by humans
I have been sent by humans to help

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