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“Give back the stone, now!” He barked. “You cannot do this to the world that we know and love,”


The others had gathered around the black wolf in threatening poses. They each had balls of energy flowing through their paws right now. Aggressive features were written upon everyone’s faces.


“You shall not get away with destroying our home,” Barked one of the four changed.


“Oh but I already have,” The alpha said sneering. “I have been waiting for this day, for a long time.” He said walking up to the others. A quick flick of his wrist and their magic was soon extinguished.


“The four of you, are nothing compared to what I can do,” He snarled.


“Then why weren’t you capable of pulling the stone out from the ground yourself then hmm?” The alpha inquired.


“Now, that was the tricky part you see. I knew that the stone wouldn’t come to me, someone who’s caused so much destruction, death and decay.” He said. “But then again, I didn’t have to pull the stone out. Once I began to destroy our little realm, well I knew that some brave heroes would arise to conquer the challenge,”


“So, you knew all along about the Corner Stone of Life, and planned this all out all by yourself, to attempt to destroy the rest of the world?”


“Yes, and then I plan to use the Corner Stone of Life to reshape the world in my own vision, the way our world was meant to be seen,” He snarled.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 01 May 2018

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