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"Eeeeeaahhh!!!! Go away!!!!!" A musical voice broke through your sleepiness.


You open one eye "So warm. Why go away?" you say looking around for who has interrupted your nap.


"Cawwww!!!! Cat!!!! Cawwwww!" A harsh voice addded.


"Human, not cat" you say yawning. Now fully awake you look around to see birdlife. Well human bird hybrids at least.


"Leave! Leave now cat!!! Tssseeeeer!!!!" A screeching voice commanded.


One brave person lands on the edge of your branch and walks towards you. It seems like she is about to say something, when her mouth stretches out into a beak and all that comes out is a screeching sound.


"What do you want bird woman?" You ask lazily.


She opens her beak and you get a sense of fear from her as she tries to speak but only the screech comes out. She looks at you and starts to attack you, and with her new beak it does hurt a bit.


"Leave" the other birds say with the various birds calls mixed in,

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 27 July 2015

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