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You start climbing down, the birds seemingly accepting this and you head out to the gate. As if the enclosure itself is reshaping itself you quickly find yourself at the gates and head out.


On the other side of the street you see a zookeeper gathering humans in a house. You head over and ask her "Why is everyone changing and how do I stop it?"


"Why would you want to stop it?" The woman asked, ears suddenly flicking to the top of her head.


"I am human. And even you are not immune. Look at your ears." you say to her.


"Well I'm not human of course!" A tail bursts out of her pants.


"What are you?" You say looking at the tail. "Are you responsible for this?"


"I'm a kitsune my feline friend. I'm just a caretaker of this zoo. Isn't that right my little foxys?"


The fox-humans yip at her in response.


"But I don't want to be a tiger." you say "And why are you changing everyone?"


"You do want to be a tiger...all humans long to be free of worry. Is't that right John? She asked a small human.


"Yip" he says.


"See" she says "I am sure you met my sister who started changing you. Don't you want to make her happy?"


"Is she a tiger? Wait...what???" You shake your head. "Human I mean?"


"Of course she appeared human. You would not of gotten close to her if she was in her true form" she says smiling as she waves her hands and you feel yourself purring as you feel something stroking your back.


Another tail bursts out of the kitsune. "That's it you big cat...give in."


"Human" you purr " Will not give in."


"Yes, you big want to be a big tiger though don't you.?" A third tail bursts out and a fox jumps on her shoulder. Both their eyes glow and in front of you a tigress appears. "You want to be with her don't you?"


You paw at the image, but it's not there. It does however, cause a pulsing sensation above your rear. " right. puuuurrrrrr."


"Run along cat. She is waiting for you" she says "You know where she is. Besides you won't be upright for much longer."


But you are stuck there purring as something is now squirming in your pants. "Mrrrrr...Waitrrrrr...not...I shouldn' this..."


The eyes stop glowing "There you go, no more pettings. If you want them to continue..."


You gather your thoughts and stand back up "How?"


"Just go back to the tiger enclosure." she says.


You nod...pettings sound good.

Written by Cason Whitlock + Catprog on 28 July 2015

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