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You blink your their eyes awake sun filtering through the clouds. You dream of your home, light filtering through, curtains the smell of breakfast being prepared. Your eyes suddenly open wide as you sit bolt upright. Bright green grass sprawling over acres of land. Creatures can be seen in the distance; fluffy, like the clouds.


You sit up and look yourself over, arms still tingling from the transformation, knees weak under the weight of his large new body. Your tail flailing around like an angry cat. You think to yourself.
“This pasture is so peaceful… so why am I so-” A sudden shadow engulfed him from behind.


Above him stands a muscular 6’2 ram, thick horns curling into his soft fluffy fur. An interesting contrast.
“Hoo’s it gaun! ‘Avent seen ye round ere”
“Uhhh” You say, kind of taken aback by his sheer size. “Job?!” You blurt out, anxiety growing the rocks in your stomach.
“Um” The Ram looks you over, blushing slightly. “Ya might need some clothes first.” You look over your new body, rising from the ground and towering over the ram.
“Oh!” you exclaim! “Well…”


A dim light fills the room you and the ram enter, they walk over to a cabinet to grab your new clothes.
“So I’m new here..” You say sheepishly. “And I’m just getting a feel for this place, so if you need any help around your, uhh pasture then it would be my pleasure!”
The ram remains silent as he places your new clothes in front of you. He looks you over one last time half suspiciously half curious as to where the hell you came from.
“How bout somethin to drink first?”
You nod excitedly, as you realize that the rock in your stomach was less from anxiety, and more from the expanded capacity of your newly emptier stomach.


The ram begins fixing you something to drink, the aroma filling your nostrils, you can identify every ingredient with astounding accuracy. You think to yourself all the different ways you can use your newfound abilities. You take in the atmosphere of the room. A rustic log cabin, pictures of the ram and a tiny sheep strewn across the walls, flowers from the pasture decorate tiny corners of the room, and a single flickering lamp fighting off the darkness in corners where the filtering light cannot reach. A chest sits in the far corner of the room, adorned with all tpes of gems and gold, “What’s that about” you wonder. All at once you realize the kind of work you’ll be doing for the week.
The ram places a steaming plate of haggis in front of you, smiling wide.
“Enjoy friend!”

Written by Driftingdragon on 01 October 2019

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