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A wave of dizziness put a pin in that plan. Daniel groaned as he leaned against the closet door. Not because the world was spiraling out of control, but all muscle in his feet were refusing to work as designed. Goosebumps turned into a mild itching as white fur broke through the skin to engulf his feet. It quickly poured up his shins stopping just shy of the knees. From there the color switched to a golden hue moving up his thighs to encompass his hips.


Grumbling, Daniel put his claws to some use scratching at the beautiful pelt around his rear. It was not meshing well against the fabric of his underwear.




No sooner had the fur stopped growing at the waist down than another hard cramp seized Daniel's feet. Toes clenched involuntarily and suddenly started to...flicker. They just jerked about in odd, jagged shapes like some video game glitch. Each time Daniel could see his feet snap back a little larger, swollen until one harsh glitch left his toes merged into three round digits. Underneath them swelled a set of leathery skin pads that gave a strange sort of cushion support. Probably to make up for the fact such huge paws could not possibly fit into a shoe anymore.




More so when his heels lifted off the ground undergoing a complete bone reconfiguration. Paw toes spread, claws digging into the carpet as the whole foot lengthened into a high arch. Shins shrank to compensate, yet Daniel's jaw dropped watching his thighs double in size. Massive muscle bulked up under all that fur on par with Olympic runners. He certainly needed it with his shifting anatomy forcing all weight onto his enormous toes.


Daniel took several deep breaths taking stock of his fuzzy lower half. Pants seemed a bit out of the question now. Even if he could somehow get both paws through some jeans, he had grown the biggest set of 'thunder thighs' than any two girls at school combined. Hips and butt had gotten little bit plumper as well. It made him look incredibly girly, come to think of it.


Written by DesmondFallout on 03 October 2018


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