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School! Daniel reeled from his thoughts in a new panic. He was going to have to try and fit into something if he hoped to get out of this room. Whipping back to the closet he attempted to make a selection among the usual assortment of…




Fur and animal mutations had been freaky enough. Apparently, while Daniel had been distracted by those all his hanging undershirts had changed to a female equivalent. Most were sports bras, but a couple strapons were hiding in the back. The generous size of all their cups perturbed Daniel a little.


Checking the dresser did not fare much better. Instead of socks, there were just long open-ended sleeves in both black and blue wool. Less surprising was all the panties bursting out of the underwear drawer.


A thought occurred to Daniel. Glancing down caused him to groan. Of course the underwear he had on also became designed for a female form. In fact, they were pretty comfortable hugging his hips...and smoothed crotch.


"Oh, come on!" Daniel nearly shouted before remembering his family outside. Some human fingers poked at the cotton covering his groin, feeling just enough to confirm clothes were not the only thing turning female in his room.


Well, her room now.


Written by DesmondFallout on 05 October 2018

Getting Dressed

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