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While you were trying to get back up on your feet again, you suddenly felt a sharp shock go through your body, something which caught you off guard, jolted you, and caused you to fall back down to the grass again.


For a moment, you were limp. You stared at the dirt under your nose, and breathed out in a shudder. Your body suddenly felt supremely strange, like no sensation you had ever had before.


“Sh-shit…” You coughed out, and tried to pull yourself along, find something to haul yourself to your feet. Yet as soon as you pulled yourself forth an inch, there was a sound like something splitting. You realised it was the back of your trousers, and no, you hadn’t stretched them too far while crawling.


Something was coming out. Something long and furry, of a dark tan colour and black stripes. A tail. It just popped out of your behind like ‘hello!’, and as you craned your neck round to see it, you couldn’t believe your eyes. Still lying there, you watched it start to flick back and forth in an erratic blur, responding to how on edge you were feeling.


Managing to pull yourself to your feet, you clutched your buttocks, and slowly trailed your hands towards the base of the tail. You pulled the furry appendage round and in-front of you, so you could examine it, stroke it. When you tugged it, it made you yelp.


This thing was attached to you!


Written by vanillametal on 04 February 2016

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