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Right now, you were terrified. You had just sprouted a tail of all things! At least you were able to walk again, but your problems were far from over.


Next, you felt your shirt begin to stretch out, the fabric straining as your chest began to bulge. Something dark started to show through the white material, and you gasped as you saw the matter spread out and up your neck. It was fur! Black and orange fur, starting to coat your skin. It felt like being tickled, as it bristled out, and you twitched a bit.


Soon enough, you were covered head to toe in the stuff, and though there were no mirrors nearby, you could feel your face had broken out with fur as well. When you pursed your lips together, it was like taking a bite out of a clump of feathers. So fluffy and soft.


When you squeezed your thighs together, there was no longer that clammy, sticky sensation you usually got when you were sweating there. Instead, it was just lightly damp, matted fur. Having a coat of fur like this made you actually feel…protected in a way. You were dressed lightly, to cope with the island weather, but to your surprise, the fur really didn’t make you feel that much hotter.


This was all very bizarre, to say the least.


Perhaps the most alarming thing of all happened next though…

Written by vanillametal on 05 February 2016

Both The Average Joe becomes an Average Jane

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