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Something rather frightening occurred. Okay, more like piss-pants terrifying.


Between your legs, your familiar ‘friend’ suddenly receded. Bam, just like that, it was gone. Something seemed to open down there though, and you could guess without looking what it was. Actually, you were too scared to look, because part of you still wanted to delude yourself into thinking this was all some kind of twisted dream.


Maybe when I fell, I hit my head too hard.

…No…this feels way too real.


You started running. You had to see yourself. While you ran, your nose began to throb, and when you reached up and touched it, you were greeted with a flat pad, that was just a little bit moist. From the shape, it was like something from a dog or cat.


Thankfully, you happened across a pond at the base of a tree pretty quickly, and looked at yourself in the reflection.


Your heart just about stopped beating.

Written by vanillametal on 06 February 2016

Both Seeing The Truth

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