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The best way to describe what you had turned into…was a tiger. A female tiger. So a tigress?


The bulge in your trousers was gone, and the fabric now housed slender, furry legs. Your belt strained against your new set of wider hips. Torso-wise, you were much thinner, though not extremely so. Obviously, your new, voluptuous chest was the most noticeable change, and the biggest giveaway that you were now female.


Then there was your face. While you were staring at your pink button nose, from which whiskers had sprouted on either side, fluffy ears were poking out through your hair, and your eyes were turning an amber colour, your pupils growing long and narrow.


Your own features that were showing through the fur had taken on both a feminine and feline appearance now.


It was clear. You were now far from the man you had once been…


Written by vanillametal on 07 February 2016

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