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You focus back on the river going up the hill and start to swim up it. Because it goes up at an angle, you realize you’ll have to use more strength to push your way up it.


You start kicking your arms and legs, but you end up either overestimating how much force you need or underestimating yourself, because you shoot up and then over the hill with barely any effort. You move so fast, you almost fly over the hill, but you land in the river, spinning about for a tense moment instead.


Once you’ve stopped, you steady yourself.


Your heart is beating a little quickly from the suddenness of what just happened, but you are fine otherwise. You suppose this strange new body has more strength than the standard otter does, so, you note you’ll have to factor that in for the future for the time being.


It takes only a few seconds to re-orientate your vision and see that things have again changed, but in a much different way than before. The river keeps going for only a short while before it stops - it hits a massive dam that seems to come out of nowhere and stops, or perhaps it continues flowing underneath, but you can’t tell for certain.

Written by Hollowpages on 07 June 2019

Both Climb the Dam

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