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More than this, however, you notice that there are now two more paths that appear before you - not quite a fork in the road sort, though, more of two very clear paths for you to pick. You swim up to the dam and climb on top of it to get a better lay of the land around you.


To your surprise, you see other living people! Or, animals? Animal people? You can’t tell, at least not at first, but it feels like it could be that way. Either way, they are on both sides and lower than you.


To your left, you see three beavers that are much more humanoid in shape - much like how you are now a humanoid otter, these three appear the same way. They are huddled together and appear to be talking amongst themselves, or communicating somehow. A few feet away from them, you see there’s a big opening in the ground - you think you can see a ladder of some kind leading into it, but where it goes, you can’t be sure.


For you to get to them, you have to go down a little path - the hill dips down to a muddy area where the beavers are huddled together.


To your right, you see a single otter person like you. They are currently chilling in a small pond in front of a big hut of some kind, and it looks like they have something in their paws - you squint and see it’s one of the little gemstones like the three you found, which means that they may know either what they are or what to do with them. You consider that there may be others, too, in the hut - it’s quite big, big enough to hold a number of otter people.


For you to get to them, you have to climb down a few weirdly shaped stone walls. They stick out in a row, as if someone put them up to block out falling stones, it appears. They don’t look too dangerous to climb down, though.


You stand there and ponder what you can do next.


You doubt that the beavers and the other otter will stay where they are forever, and knowing this, you understand you have to make a choice and make it very soon. You can either take a chance that these beaver people are friendly and could help you, or you do the same with the other otter person.


It’s possible they might all be friendly, or they might be hostile, or they might get scared and flee. You have no clue since none of this makes a lick of sense to you, but, you have to figure out what you want to do and do it fast.

Written by Hollowpages on 09 June 2019

The end (for now)
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