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She had noticed that the atmosphere surrounding her had gone completely silent. She looked out a window and gazed outside. Yes, all the noises of the night had gone silent, nothing stirred.


“That’s odd,” She would say to herself. Her eyes looked around the entire place, seeing absolutely no movement anywhere. Not even the wind had stirred the trees around the area.


She decided to shrug it off and then go about her business. She began to cook herself dinner, she was calm and relaxed now after hours had passed. She sat on her favorite couch and was eating a dish of her favorite version of Gumbo. Her Granny’s top recipe.


A black mist had formed outside the woman’s house. It was swirling and twisting in various spirals drastically. It was attempting to find a way inside the cabin. Most of the windows had been locked shut and any cracks or openings were closed off in some way shape or form.


But at last the mist had found a way inside. The basement had been left open from the previous time someone was inside of it. The mist shot through the opened basement and then rushed upward through the floorboards.


The woman was half asleep now in front of the TV, snoring loudly. The mist crept its way toward the snoring woman, her mouth agape. It was a perfect target for it to go inside. The mist would swoop over toward the woman’s mouth and she would gasp.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 01 April 2018

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