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She lurched upwards and gasped slightly. His eyes flashed back and forth observing her surroundings. She hadn’t noticed that the thick mist had gone into her but something felt really off.


She gasped and felt herself move forward. She could feel a twinge of pain shoot through her entire body, it felt excruciating. She wanted to cry almost, tears swelling in her eyes. She looked about gasping.


Her fingers would grasp the edge of the sofa that she sat on, panting and grunting. She felt her body heat begin to rise, and suddenly felt extremely odd. Her skin started to sprout thick grayish brown fur all over her form. She whined, almost dog like.


She felt herself fall onto all fours now. She was practically screaming at the top of her lungs in agony. She could feel the fire overwhelm her insides. She panted and groaned, sweat dripping off her brow. All her muscles rippled and shook as her body under gone the change.


Her breasts deflated and soon were nice and smooth chest plates. Her abdomen flexed with muscles and soon she began to take on more of a manly form now. Her face started stretching. This part of the change was possibly the most painful part of the process.


Her teeth began to fall out and soon were replaced by hands. Her nose had pushed inward and soon was a flat nose. She would close her eyes, praying that the nightmare would at last end. But then a flash of light soon ignited throughout the entire room.


She gasped loudly as if she got out of the water after swimming. She looked around herself. All the lights had gone off, so was her TV. The power had gone out. She cleared her throat and noticed something was already off. It was the way she coughed.


It didn’t sound like her cough, it was something different. It was more, masculine. She blinked a little confused. She got herself up and then noticed how incredibly tall she was now. She was beginning to panic now. She looked


She took deep breaths and looked at herself. She gasped, wondering why on earth she was covered in thick fur! Panic began to strike her now. She quickly rushed toward the bathroom and looked at the mirror and nearly fell over on her ass at the sight that came forth to her.


“Like the rest I have taken over your body,” A male voice seeped out through her thoughts. This startled her very much so. The male wolf that now was looking at the mirror had spoken. Her voice wasn’t the same; this whole thing was extremely confusing.


She/he had found himself walking toward the open window. His paw would extend forward and open up. A small sphere of light would soon appear in his palm. It stared out rather small and shimmering. Pretty soon though, the sphere would begin to grow and grow.


The man would then thrust it forward. The large ball of light shot forth up into the air and soon exploded into thousands of particles.


Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 15 April 2018


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