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Meanwhile, elsewhere Daniel, as well as the others had gone away from their homes and met together. It was so strange to see so many strangers before them, especially all the same species and different genders.
“Oh come on, the signal should have been lit already,” Whined Daniel’s feminine voice.


“We have to get rid of these other personalities; they are really a downer, complaining all the time,” The Louisiana woman said grumbling to herself. Suddenly the large sphere of light was at last visible to those that were gazing at the sky to see it explode.


The others soon vanished out of thin air, and then found themselves at the center of five stone pillars circling around each other. The others were very confused as to where they had been sent too, that is until the Alpha of the pack finally came into sight.


“Sir, it is so good to see you, Nightmoon,” Said the woman wolf who possessed Daniel.


“And it is great to see you as well, Sharp Paw, Moontear, Twisted Branch,” The Alpha said clearing his throat.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 20 April 2018

The Stone

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