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“We are all gathered here today, because of one reason. “To find the Howling Stone beneath this sacred piece of land and to return it to the world where it rightfully belongs,”


They all gathered around the stones, placing their paws onto them, closing their eyes. They had all grasped their hands together and began to chant in a strange tongue.


The stones that surrounded them began to illuminate. The light coming from the stones soon began to spiral toward the center of the platform in which they rested on. The lights combined and a blast of energy soon shuttered throughout the entire woods.


The ground began to shiver and quake violently. The trees trembled and the ground quivered, a howling wind rushed throughout the forest. The entire forest was alive and all the animals shrieked and hollered at the magical display that was occurring.


Suddenly coming out from the ground was a bright glowing stone. Much different than the stones that surrounded it of course, it was a crystal. It was massive and shimmering bright with radiant colors.


“The Stone of Life,” Whispered the Alpha in pure amazement. “Never have I thought that I’d live to see the day it comes forth to revive our dying realm,” He said.

Written by Dalkr Moonfire Wolf on 25 April 2018

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